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Consignment For Any Location

Locally Owned. Locally Stocked. Local Hospitality.

Office Furniture

We get a variety of quality office furniture that is of quality at a reasonable price. We are always getting new items on consignment from our Consignors.

Interior Decorations

We have something for everyone here is Prospect Treasures. All of our quality decorative merchandise comes from the residents of Prospect & Goshen. We have something for everyone.   WE get new and Vintage decorative items.

Home Furniture

Home furniture is what Prospect Treasures is known for. We get exceptionally great Items such as Dining Room Tables, Beds, night stands & Dressers. We also Wing back chairs, to Sofa’s and couches. We get new items in almost every day that will enable you to furnish every room in your house.

In & Outdoor

Prospect Treasure also except outdoor furniture during the Spring & Summers months. We accept Patio furniture such as wrought iron table and Chairs, chase lounge chairs, and various outdoor décor.

Local Crafts

At Prospect Treasures, we have local craftspeople who hand make quality furniture.  We get items such as Wooden Benches made from antique log cabins, TV entertainment tables, Hand crafted jewelry, such as rings, Earrings and scarfs.  We love to support local Artisans.

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